Different level's of Developement  




1. Xerox of invoice and draft is with you.
2. Saved your TID & DID in your mobile and learn them by heart.
3. Have applied for your PAN card.
4. Applied /got a Bank account.
5. Sent an application with the scanned PAN card to ebiz house.
6. Visited the website with your upline
™      Print reciept
™       Buy now
™       FAQ’s
™       Legal section
™       Photo Gallery
™       How to register a free student.
™       How can a free student login to do his/her course.
™       How to do your courses.
™       How to register for exam.
™       How to get your certificates printed.
™       Meetings all over India.
™       Your down-line
™       Down-line summary
™       Account enquiry
™       Next week’s cheque details.
™       Ebiz prize conditions.( BMW,Honda City,Verna etc)
™       Highest earners of the week
™       Renewal concept
™       How to send a query.
7. Your draft is duly signed and courier to ebiz house.
8. Received your (CD/Holiday) package from eBiz house.
9. Received a starter DVD/CD   (Avashyak Batein, Shuruat kaise karein,Lakshya) pack from your upline. Listen it every time you are free at least once in a week.






Level 1(within 24hrs of joining)




*Visions (Importance of visions)

™*Why card (Dreams)
™*Ethics to be followed(Truthfulness, Honesty, Kindheartedness, ,Passion and Love)
™*Pawan malhanji’s brief description.
™*Golden rules of ebiz
™*FFF(faith on up line, ebiz and yourself)
™*5 stages of work
™*Describe Business plan (in detail)
™*How to become a silver (complete details)
™*Practical Target for Short term vision.
™*Contact nos. Of 5 silver Upline's
™*Upline tree
™*Upline’s achievement record
™*Ebiz achievements in our network.
™*Contact list(200)
™*Awareness about negative environment (Put anti-virus).
™*Rules & regulations of ebiz.


Level 2 (within 7 days of joining)

Visited all these websites with your cycle achiever or Silver upline.    






Visit our website www.ebizel.com and complete at least 1 course get its certificate color printed and laminated.
 Got your File folder (Preferably a black file looks more professional)
  (Carry always with you)
  *Courses list (updated)
  *Utilities list
  *Computer Certificates
  *Free students certificates(carry invoice with photograph)   

  *Your Invoice and draft Xerox
  *Receipt of Payment
  *PAN card Xerox
  *Xerox of uplines cheques
  *Cheque's (own if any)
  *Copy of legals, Investigation Report , ISO certificate
  *CD Package with ebiz Literature 
  *Photographs of Social Activities done in your group 
  *Printed the hard copy of level 1 basic training.(Carry always with you)
  *Your ebiz diary should be cross-checked by a double cycle achiever.
  *Learn how to make a draft in a bank.
  *Invitation demo shown by your upline.(session 1)
  *Presentation demo shown by your upline.(session 1)
  *Follow-up demo shown by your upline.(session 1)
  *Have completed listening of shuruat kaise karein ..
  *Buyed your ebiz formals dress code (Super white Shirt + Dark Trouser+ Diagonal Tie)   
  *You should look smart and confident ebizzer
  *Have been told about what is professionalism.
  *Called any SILVER associate to confirm the end of your level 2 training and request him/her to meet  them  at their suitable time.



Level 3(within 15-20 days of joining)



  *Given a on-stage invitation demo to a Cycle Achiever/Silver  upline.(session-2)
  *Given a on-stage presentation demo to a Cycle Achiever/Silver  upline.(session 2)
  *Given a on-stage follow-up demo to a Cycle Achiever/Silver  upline.(session-2)
  *Attended at least 2 official training meeting of ebiz.
  *Attended at least 2 Venue meeting.
  *Buyed/borrowed YOU CAN WIN by shiv khera & completely understood  chapter1-chapter2.(minimum)
       (available at all leading book-stores)
  *Given atleast 2 presentations personally.
  *Ask your Cycle Achiever/Silver  upline where you can improve...and list them out in a diary.
™       Call any SILVER/GOLD associate to confirm the end of your level-3 training and request him/her to meet them at their suitable time.



™ Level-4 (within 20-30 days of joining)     



Completed chapter2-chapter5 of YOU CAN WIN.
™  *List all the doubts you have in your mind and get it cleared by a silver associate.
™  *On-stage demo of invitation/presentation & follow-up with a silver/gold associate.(session-3)
™  *List all the good things that happened with you in these days since  your  joining.
™  *List major changes that you found in yourself since your joining.
™  *Are you confident in giving an invitation, presentation & follow-up personally by yourself,else ask       your Cycle Achiever/Silver  upline to teach you once more.
™  *Presented a minimum of 15 friends by one-on-one presentation.
™  *Learn how to do accounting of your work from a Cycle Achiever/Silver Upline .
™  *If you have completed all of these you can request through your silver upline to meet a DIAMOND associate and talk to him or meet him/he





 1. eBIZ leader doesn't wait until he/she gets a large group before becoming a leader. It can't work that way, because you would never get the large group if you're waiting to be a 
leader first! Nor does the leader wait until they feel they possess the knowledge to lead - rarely they do. My observation is that leaders select themselves by taking on responsibility 
(the total reason something happens or doesn't happen), rather than just the desire to lead. Want to be a leader? Go grab enough responsibility that it makes you feel like quitting 
every day then don’t quit congratulations, that’s LEADERSHIP. From that basis there are many other attributes you can develop.

2. At events, the leader arrives early and reserves chairs on the front row. Yes, there are normally only two front rows (left and right) if you’re on the 2nd or 3rd row you’re still 
considered a leader. I spent five years getting up earlier than anyone else to make sure that my group had the front row. What Vie found is that there are very rarely more than two 
leaders in any room. Please understand what I mean by this. Once a person gets to a certain level of success they will stop doing these simple leadership things because of ego. 
They suddenly become too knowledgeable to sit and listen to a speaker that has less time in the business than them. If you remain humble and hungry the world is yours. So is the 
front row, by the way.

3. A true leader realizes that there is a difference between being a leader and being a leader of people. More on this later.

4. eBIZ works under many conditions, but when those relationships between you and your organization become tight and a esprit de corps is created, there’s nothing like it. I do 
mean nothing.

5. Appearance is impeccable.

6. A leader appears organized, much like ducks cruising smoothly across the water, however, no one sees or knows how radical and out of control their feet are peddling.

7. Leaders of people treat their people with respect. Respect means you have a good opinion of their character or ideas. Simply put, you are interested in your people their ideas, 
their complaints, their fears, their successes THEM!

8. As a leader you develop or find five Top Producers. Devote yourself to them. Find three qualities that you like about each person. Write those in your day planner. Review them 
frequently, thinking of how you can help bolster one of those attributes. Bolstering an attribute can be many things from a good verbal acknowledgement, to giving a telephone 
headset to someone as a gift who is working hard at making calls, to being their friend when they have a personal crisis.

9. The leader climbs the ladder and finds out who the decision makers are at the company and gets to know them but never bugs them. This is positioning yourself so that 
opportunity can see you. This is different than you seeing opportunity. Suddenly you find yourself speaking at the convention hmm, I guess it was just luck. Yeah, right!
10. A leader in eBIZ is the switchboard of information and communication. They’re not in the loop. They ARE the loop.

11. A leader can always be reached by  email  or phone. Returned communication will occur in less than 24 hours. If that’s not a possibility the message will indicate that it might be 

12. Recognizing that everyone is growing, a leader never invalidates the efforts of anyone in his or her organization. One person brings six guests to a meeting, another brings two, 
and the third brings none. The leader is able to notice that person number three is there which might have been a major growth step for them. So instead of criticizing them for not 
bringing a guest they praise them for being there.

13. The leader is always searching for and praising something about his or her people. Little babies love praise, but grown men will die for it. Men in battle will risk their lives for a x 

ribbon they pin onto their shirt above their left chest pocket. They wear this ribbon for the world to see. Forgo praise and you’ve missed out on the most powerful tool in your 
leadership arsenal. Praise for things they’ve yet to do, and you’ll create a person who withdraws from the group because you made them a fake.

14. Leaders are ethical examples. If you sneak your people past the registration table you’ve just ruined their perception of you. They can never trust you and they shouldn’t. You’ve 
got one shot at doing this right.

15. A leader creates alliances with needed national and international (if applicable) groups to ensure their group has support and representation. If no group exists, build it.

16. Leaders are more concerned about the growth of their people than the growth of their  check. Focus on the growth of your people; your check will take care of itself.

17. A leader never, ever speaks ill of anyone even if they deserve it.

18. A leader has a crystal clear vision  and where they’re taking it.

19. A leader, after reviewing this list will print it out and does at least one item everyday.
There are more but this should get you started.







 What you want to do when you first call your prospect is to say something like, 
 'Hi, Mr. Prospect, this is (your name) with eBIZ, how are you today? 
 'I'd like to ask you a few questions if I may. By the way, what part of the state or country do you live in? (make some kind of warm remark about the area they live in just to bridge the 
gap, or break the ice and get them feeling warm and friendly toward you). 
 NOTE: Now is when you want to ask them 3 pertinent questions that will eliminate 90% of all the objections and smoke screens they would otherwise come up with later on. 
Remember, the purpose of these questions is to get your prospect to say, 'I'm sick of my current situation and I want more out of life than what I've been getting.' 

        'What Kind of work are you in?' You'll want to ask them if they're working full time or part time and if they like what they're doing. 

        QUESTION 2 
          'Are you looking for something to replace what you are doing, or just something to supplement your current income?' Your prospect might say, 'Well I don't know yet. I haven't 
even heard what it is that you are doing?' 
 Respond with a chuckle by saying, 'Well, don't get me wrong. 
 I'm not asking for a commitment. What I mean is, if you like what you see and feel there is a match with our business and you, would you want to replace it with what you're doing 
now, full time or just do it part time to give you a little more money than you're making right now?' 


          'Let me ask you something Mr. Prospect. Can you see yourself 5 years from now, doing what you're doing right now?' 
 These questions are meant to get your prospect to tell you in one way or another that they are tired of their current financial situation and want more out of life.
 It is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE that you get your prospect to tell you this with their own mouth BEFORE you go to the next step. If done properly, you will dispel most of the 
objections that most people give because you weren't interested in THEIR NEEDS. 
 Don't hesitate to let your prospect know that you are qualifying him or her. Let them know that you are taking them through a series of steps to see if they meet your standards. 
 Always let your prospects know that you are part of the fastest growing group in the company and the reason for that is because you have systems and tools that make people 
successful in the business
 Another reason is because you are very selective about who joins your group and insure that everyone who joins is dead serious about changing their financial condition and are 
willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. 
 With that said, you simply tell your prospect that you're going to give them a little bit of information about the business. Then give them a 30 second power hitting presentation that 
hits on 3 or 4 of the hottest bits of information about eBIZ. 
 After you have asked your prospect if this is something they would like to hear more about (and 99% of them will just say 'YES', if you ask properly) then say this:
 I'm going to give you a venue where you will get  overview of the eBIZ. After listening to it, if you like what you hear, then give me a call back and we'll take you to the next step in the 
process. Do you have a pen and a piece of paper?' 
 What you say next is VERY VERY IMPORTANT. You want your prospect to make a commitment that they are going to attend that meeting.
 The purpose of this question is to see how motivated your prospect is. Remember, you are qualifying them at this point.. 
 If they tell you  they can't attend meeting at that time, then ask them WHEN they are going to attend that meeting. Tell them that you are only looking for a few good people and 
expect to find them in the next 24 to 48 hours.
 When your prospect calls you back, tell them . What time would be best for you today (give them a choice between two times during the day that you have arranged with your team 
 End the call by saying, 'Great, I'll call you at (time you set) later today. Talk to you then.' 
 These are the steps to turning prospects into associates on your team. Follow them and you will see your success ratio going up and up. We  have tried a hundred different methods 
over the years and this works far better than anything else We've every tried. 

 Happy Prospecting!



1 – Failure does Not Exist
When Thomas Edison was trying to find the right filament to make the light bulb work, a reporter asked him how it felt to have failed thousands of times. Edison said he hadn’t failed. 
He just discovered thousands of materials that didn’t work.
There is no such thing as failure. You either get the desired outcome, or you learn. No matter what the result, you win. The past does not equal the future.
By thinking this way, discouragement can’t get a foothold in your mind.

2 - If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me!
Every single one of the people in the biographies I read overcame some major challenge. Struggling through those challenges is what made them great. A piece of coal has to 
experience a huge amount of heat and pressure in order to become a diamond. We are no different. Every time we face a challenge we have a choice to make. Will we get bitter or 
better? Decide to get better. Face the challenge. It’s there to make you stronger. You will need that strength further up the road when you’ll be facing even bigger challenges.
Don’t ever make excuses. Whenever you make an excuse you are giving up control. Rationalizing is telling yourself 'rational lies'.
Believe that you are in charge of your life. You are totally responsible. You create your results. You are in control of your life. You have the power to change your circumstances.

3– Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!
Commit to stretching. Put yourself on the line. Commit to do things beyond your current abilities. That’s how you grow. That’s how you get better and stronger.

4 – Just do it!
Commit to act even if you don’t know everything. You don’t wait till all the lights are green before taking a road trip. If you wait until you know everything before acting, you’ll never do 
anything. Take a chance. Act on faith.

5 – Be True to Yourself
Always act from Personal Integrity. Be true to yourself. If it does not feel right in your gut, don’t do it. Don’t ever go against your personal values. No victory is worth not being able to 
look yourself in the mirror.

6 – There is Always a Way if You Don’t Quit!
Mental toughness is developed through consistency of effort.
On the road to the Olympics, many athletes much faster than me quit along the way. How do you think they felt when they watched the Olympics on TV? The price of getting your 
dream is big but the pain of regret is hundreds of times bigger.
Commitment is the glue that holds everything together. Commitment is the most powerful tool you have as a human being. Commit to practice until you are good. Even if you fear 
what it takes to get to your goal (as I feared the luge), do it anyways. Commitment will pull you through.
Commit to do whatever it takes (as long as it is moral, legal and ethical) to succeed.
The difference between people is there are those who are interested and there are those who are committed. The key to success in life is going from being interested to being 
committed. Once you are committed you will produce results. At the point of commitment, you mentally 'burn all the bridges' and you do whatever it takes to make it happen. THAT’S 
when you become unstoppable!
Chase your dream, go for the gold, and never ever quit. 




1 - Stay focused. Write down your goals and review them at least once a day. This sounds goofy but it really works. Your goals must come from yourself. They must be meaningful to 
you. You must be able to connect with them and see yourself achieving them. Believe me, I hate all this yuppie-speak stuff about goal-setting and mission statements just as much 
as you do, but I know for a fact that written goals work, even though you may be jaded and cynical and logically detached from your emotions, written goals work.

2 - Use the products. You are never going have much luck selling products that you don't use yourself. -- eBIZ  is the new way, the way of the 21st century. But eBIZ only works if you   
use and believe in eBIZ PRODUCTS.

3 - Become the best person you can be. Improve yourself. This is a people business and the bottom line is that if you can become a better person then you will be a better network 
marketer. People like to be associated with other people that are living their lives to the fullest. So be one of those people. It doesn't have to be directly associated with your network 
marketing business. Develop some new interests.   Call someone you haven't heard from in years, not to talk about your opportunity, but just to visit. (Once you re-establish the 
connection, you'll have plenty of opportunity to tell them about your business.) Explore a road you have never been down. In short, get out of your rut, get off your butt, and GET A LIFE.

4 - Talk about your business with anyone that will listen. If you don't have any prospects of your own, get together with someone in your downline or upline or sideline and talk to their 
prospects. Constantly talking about the business will keep you focused, make you better able to handle objections, and help you to hone your communication skills.

5 - Listen. Listen to the leaders in your business to learn how they are 'doing it'. Listen to new ASSOCIATES  to stay reminded of their perspective. Listen to your upline. Listen to your 
downline. Listen to company-sponsored LEADERSHIP EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP. Listen to training sessions. Listen, really listen, with an open mind to everyone who is talking 
about your business. You will hear a lot of valuable information.

6 - Make follow up your life. eBIZ offers tremendous EDUCATIONAL & WEB PRODUCTS.These advantages all revolve around the development of a strong bond between the 
Associate to the other Associate, In order to create this bond, you must follow up  the Assocaite you sponsor. Your regular follow up lets people know that you care about their 
business and that you are serious about your business. It helps you to handle objections and resolve any complaints or problems before they get out of hand. It helps you to collect 
product testimonials, get referrals and gives you the opportunity to introduce new products.

7 - Consider every situation a prospecting opportunity. Now by this I don't mean go out and hose down every person you come in contact with. Instead, develop a back door 
approach, using interest checks. Casually mention something about your business that will spark the interest of the person. Then shut up. If they ask you more about it, get their 
phone number and set up an appointment. If they don't seem interested, drop it. They haven't rejected you, they're just not ready for what you have to offer. But that doesn't mean that 
the next person you run into will feel the same way. Move on to the next person. Keep at it and you will generate activity.

8 - Be consistent. Set aside a certain amount of time each day to work your business -- and that means talking to people, not doing busy work. Stick to it. Be disciplined. How much 
time you devote is not nearly as important as being consistent in doing it. If you keep doing the same thing, day after day, you will be successful.

9 - Be completely honest. Don't oversell your opportunity -- it will just create problems for you later with Associates who drop out because the business didn't live up to their 
expectations.  .. Give them your full support, yes, but if they are heading in the wrong direction you need to let them know as diplomatically as possible. Integrity is a powerful force in 
this business. Practice it in all that you do.

10 - Have fun. Find a way to do your business that is enjoyable to you and that fits your personal style. If you like doing it, you'll do it more often and you'll do it better. People will see 
you enjoying yourself and will be attracted to you like a magnet. It may take some doing to fashion a way in which your business can be fun, but it is worth the effort. Remember, it is 
YOUR business and you can make it anything you want. So why not go all out and make it a blast!


Defining The Traits Of A Successful Leader 

What makes a good leader? For starters, leaders don't wait for other people to give them permission to do something. They just do it. Leaders accept responsibility for the choices 
they make in life. They don't get sucked into the "victim mentality" syndrome, which is characterized by a persistent desire for people to blame others for their poor choices. Bottom 
line: Leaders realize that the decisions they make are all theirs, and thus take full responsibility for any resulting failures.
In the world of business - especially in eBIZ - leadership is the defining ingredient that separates the mediocre from the superstars. It's the act of persuasion. It's getting people to see 
new perspectives and do things they normally wouldn't do. It's about setting your ego aside and having the passion and charisma to get people to follow you. 


Can an average person become a leader? Yes, most certainly. People can transform themselves and make huge strides in leadership abilities just as they do in other areas of 
personal development. It starts with inner self-leadership and expands outward to influence and move others around you. Leadership is about self-direction and self-control and 
shows in what "we do." Become the right kind of person (passionate, responsible,  believer) and others will flock right into your lap, and not until.
But, like other areas of self improvement, it's no easy task, because man's natural instinct is mediocrity. Yes, mediocrity. It would be nice if we could all become leaders by simply 
following a few simple steps. But the path to leadership requires finding our own way. The direction we take will differ for each of us. However, there are a few key traits we can focus 


No Fear But Fear Itself
So what is it that keeps us from pursuing opportunities, leading others, taking action and doing what we really want to do? One word: FEAR. Fear of rejection. Fear of people. Fear of 
trying new things. Fear of not being perfect. Enjoying our comfort zone (average).
It's almost as if the fears we have actually begin to become like bondage. Ever feel that way? You can usually tell who lives in fear. They usually wear them on their sleeves. Ever hear 
people say:
"I would try that but I just don't have time." 
"I would try that but I just don't have money."
The list of the doubts and fears that roll off people's lips is endless. Stand in any line with people, on the bus or at work, and listen to the idle chatter. You'll hear people's fear in their 
everyday conversation. "Oh, I hate working here, but the job market is just too difficult to try and find something else." If you want to be a great leader, learn to conquer your fears.


Embrace Failure
Study the history of  great legendry leader (Dr.Pawan Malhan)and you'll see lives littered with failures. It's called "failing forward fast." And it's one of the top traits of successful 
leaders. That's why it takes guts to be a leader. Many people are scared of failure and don't like to tackle the tough issues. (Then again, not everyone wants to be a leader, right.) It 
requires being decisive and a willingness to take chances. And yes, to FAIL - but to accept it, learn from it and move on.

Become A Believer
Children need to "see it" in order to believe it. Leaders believe it BEFORE they see it. Here's something to try: Try doing what you say you will do. (Remember, the odds are against 
you). When faced with problems and obstacles, choose to learn from the experience and turn them into an opportunities. Don't whine and complain about yesterday's defeats. (It's 
counter-productive and you look like a fool next to Thomas Edison). Key: Until you're able to wipe out the past mistakes from the movie projector that keeps playing in your head, 
you'll never be able to move forward. Leaders believe in themselves and believe in abundance.


Take Some Risks
Leaders are the ones willing to make huge sacrifices in time, money and family in order to achieve their goals. Risk is the price you pay for success. You must carry the burden and 
have the backbone to make decisions that are not popular. Be internally directed, not "socially fit." You'll never achieve wealth and success as long as you care what other people 
thing of you. Yes, leadership has a price, (risk) but it also offers tremendous rewards.
A strategy adapted from Leaders called S.C.O.R.E.. If you want to build internationally your eBIZ business, learn these five tips.

S = self discipline
Be willing to sacrifice and discipline yourself and make yourself do the hard stuff. I just got off a five day trip over Thanksgiving.


C = concentration. 
You have to concentrate.  All distractions are equal. If you are distracted then you are not concentrating. The consequence is that your business will grow as fast. If you allow your 
concentration to be split, then you are not practicing the first rule which is self-discipline.

O = optimism. 
You absolutely must believe in the best outcome. If you are going to shoot that basket to win that game, you better believe it's going to go. If you're going to sit down and talk to 
somebody, you better believe that they are going to become involved with you. When you sit down with them avoid asking the death question of "what do you think?' When you ask 
what they think, you are opening the door on a less that perfect outcome. At the end of your presentation, you have got to say, "Give it a try", "Join us", "Try this".
Every great  personality, every one of them, believes they can do it. They believe in the best outcome.   You got to believe in the best outcome, optimism.

R = relax. 
I call it relaxed detachment. Forget about the results. What's going to happen is going to happen. Now relax. Don't be uptight. If you're uptight when you sit down and tell somebody 
about your business or you have fear, then you can't concentrate. When you sit down to the actual making of the relationship, relax. You have done your work. Now let what happens, 

E = enjoy. 
Relax is different from enjoy. Relax is relax, just relax, just do the work. The E is to enjoy it while you do it.
Going big business takes a higher level of commitment. It takes the kind of commitment that you would have if you were investing lacs or crores of money in any business. It 
becomes a business that has overhead attached to it. In every case when that level of commitment notches forward, your domestic business is going to do better because you are a 
more committed person. You know more. Your upline is not going to be there to rely on. You are going to find yourself in situations where you have to do it. Putting yourself in those 
situations is going to make you a better leader.
Success is about skill and work. Some people want to make it about timing and luck, however, it is about skill and work. You have to be willing to pay the price, in both time and 
energy and effort.


              Body Language Speaks Volumes

Up to 93 % of communication is non-verbal. Including tone of voice, eye movement, posture, hand gestures, facial expressions and more. The pressure of body language can 
especially be felt in emotional situations. Body language usually prevails over words.

The eyes communicate more that any other part of the human anatomy. Staring or gazing at others can create pressure and tension in the room. Gangs have fought over the way 
someone looked at them. Researcher suggests that individuals who can routinely out gaze another develop a sense of control and power over others not so inclined. Maintained eye 
contact can show if a person is trustworthy, sincere or caring. Shifty eyes, too much blinking can suggest deception. People with eye movements that are relaxed and comfortable 
yet attentive to the person they are conversing with are seen as more sincere and honest.
Eyebrow muscle draws the eyebrows down and toward the center of the face if someone is annoyed. If someone is empathetic and caring during dialogue the eyebrows will not 
show the annoyed facial grimace.

The smile. There are 50 or so different types of human smiles. By analyzing the movements of over 80 facial muscles involved in smiling, researchers can tell when a smile is true. 
Look for the crinkle in the skin at the middle, outside corner of the eyes and if it is not there, the smile is probably fake. Authentic smiles are smiles that "crest" or change rapidly from 
a small facial movement to a broad open expression.

Bodily cues are the most reliable of all nonverbal signals of deception. This is because a person generally has less conscious control over these than other signals.  Hand-to-face 
gestures and shrugs are strong markers of deception. Playing with or touching things nearby during conversations has been found to be associated with deception . Deceivers also 
are likely to have increased illustrator activity--quick and animated use of hands/arms during speech.

Vocal cues can predict deception. More and lengthier pauses during conversation; a lot of such sounds as "uh," "um," word repetitions; intruding sounds not part of the actual 
speech, less lengthy answers or explanations where they would be expected to be.

Space is important. Personal space is needed and if it is invaded intentionally and at times by oversight can cause an individual to feel uncomfortable or threatened. Studies have 
shown that individuals that do not respect others space are less popular and often rejected by others.

Gestures communicate. Hand signals can communicate without the use of any speech. Touching communicates. Touching can be friendly or it can be aggressive. The way a 
person stands reflects their level of confidence and comfort level.

When you interact socially develop your listening and observations skills. The above are a guide for looking for the clues to deception they are not fool proof.

Watch your body language. Avoid shifting eyes and head quickly during conversation when someone asks you a question. Do not look down or to the side. Look directly at the person 
with a sense of confidence but not overbearing or threatening in nature.
Golden Rules
RULE #1   Maintain Integrity and Honesty
Never, ever lie – no matter what the situation, lying only comes back to haunt you. Your word is the only thing that can never be taken from you – only YOU can choose to give it up. 
Make your word sacred, and others will respect you for it, and will learn to trust you and refer business your way.

RULE #2   Believe In Your Product
If you don’t believe in your product, you shouldn’t sell it – doing so would simply be unethical. And let’s face it, life’s too short to go home every night knowing that you sold something 
that you wouldn’t find value in yourself.

RULE #3   Believe In Your Associate

Work diligently for your associate. Like them or not, they have taken a giant step and have placed their trust, and quite literally their livelihood, in you. Serve your associate well. Work 
hard t show that you appreciate the opportunity they’ve provided to you. Keep in mind that is isn’t easy being the GURU.

RULE #4   Believe In and Invest In Yourself
Spend time and money each year to improve your skills and grow as a leader. Self-esteem improves as new skills and abilities are mastered.

RULE #5   Work Hard
No one has ever become successful by waiting for their ship to come in. To achieve success you have to work hard for it, and if you work hard enough and smart enough – success 
will most certainly find you.
We hope you’ll live by these five golden rules. Share this article with your team that could benefit from these rules.