#eBIZ Ethics:



No matter what, never break these ethics, even if ur uplines or anyone ask u to do so. If u find someone who is doing this business unethically, they will not be in ebiz for long for sure. Trust me.


#eBIZ System:


1. Be 100% user. ( Check all 6 CDs when u get the package, learn the 6 modules of basic courses from the VCDs, read every words of ebizel.com & check every links, read the Blue Profile that comes with the CD package cover to cover, start learning courses…know everything about ebiz & then & then only u can tell others how wonderful ebiz is)


2. Read books on Network Marketing. ( know as much as possible about this industry from the experts.  Start with ‘A Guide to Network Marketing by Surya Sinha’, ‘Questions are the Answers by Allan Pease’ [this will help u learn INVITATION], ‘Business School by Robert. T. Kiyosaki’, ‘Network Marketing IBO Field Guide by Leaders of the Field’, ‘Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing by Joe Rubino’.


3. Read motivational books. ( growth of this business is directly proportional to ur personal growth. So read books on self development. You’ll find many recommendations at bookstore section)


4. Listen to Training Audios (‘getting started’, ‘setting ur goal’, ‘a few important tips’ u should get these audios from ur uplines) & other motivational audios.

5. Attend meetings, seminars & conventions regularly. (Get in touch with active ebiz leaders in ur area. Observe & learn)

6. Give regular invitation. ( develop a habit of talking to people about this product & business opportunity regularly)


# 8 Steps to Success in eBIZ:

Step 1: Dare to Dream Big


You should have big dreams to achieve big in ebiz and in life. Don’t be afraid to dream big. As Robert. T. Kiyosaki says “It’s better to dream big & fail to achieve them than to dream small & achieve them”. It means, when u have big dreams, and you go for it, you’ll learn many valuable lessons. So free your mind & trust that everything is possible. Dare to dream dear.


Step 2: Prepare for Action


Many people fails in achieving their dreams because they don’t have a clear plan of action. Let me give you an example.
Let’s say you want to complete your SILVER entry (group of 50 in proper ratio) within coming two months. It’s your dream. Now how to design the plan of action?
60 days – 50 Joinings
I.e. 30 days – 20 joinings
I.e. 15 days – 8 joinings
I.e 7 days – 3 joinings – show presentation to atleast 15-20 guests within 7 days.
So break up your dreams in small steps, and start doing what you have to do now.


Step 3: Make Lists

Take your diary and make these 5 lists in it.
1. Why List
2. Dream List
3. Fear List
4. Guest List
5. Guest Followup list


Why List:

Write your 5 most important reasons for doing eBIZ. You should write these reasons from the core of your heart. These reasons must have some EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT to it. If I share one of my WHY with you, I spent 12 years of my childhood & youth in hostel-away from home. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my family & that was only possible through eBIZ.
Keep a WHY card in your purse always. Whenever you face any challenges remind yourself your burning reasons for doing eBIZ.

Dream List:

Research says, we have more than 60,000 thoughts in our mind daily & to mark your dreams as important among them, you should put those on paper. It will also help you in applying Law of Attraction (Read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or watch the movie with the same name)

Dreams should be SMART

S-Specific (e.g. Red color Yamaha Fazer worth Rs. 90000)
M-Measurable (e.g. Not just ‘I will be rich’ but ‘I will have net worth of 1000Cr …’)
A-Achievable (don’t dream of buying Ferrari in first months :p)
R-Realistic ( don’t expect too much without much effort)
T-Timebound ( always give deadline to your dreams)

Divide your dream list in 3 Sections:

Fear List:

Guest/Friend List:

This is the raw material of your business. Make a list of all the people you know who are minimum matriculate and within 18-65 years of age group.


Most of the people do the biggest mistake here. They write only those names which they think will join. ‘My cousin won’t join, he is in IIT’,'He is too stupit/smart/rich/poor….to join’ Oye! You are not astrologer. How do you know what they really want in their life? Besides eBIZ touches every aspects of our life- physical, mental, spiritual, financial, social everything. If you are afraid or even ‘not super duper excited’ to write names of all the people you know in your list, that means you yourself is still not fully confident about eBIZ or Network Marketing Industry. Grow that confidence first. So NEVER PREJUDGE!

If you are a normal human being your lists can’t have less than 200 names. Could’t find 200 people??? Do you live in planet of apes? :p Just kidding. Let me help you-

Written name of your parents/spouse/children? If this is really great opportunity shouldn’t you involve them first? Your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/college friends/school friends/sms friends/chat friends/pen friends/social networking friends? Your relatives (longest list!)? Neighbours? Teachers/professors? Colleagues/business partners? Doctors/lawyears/accountants?  I think the list will be endless. Isn’t it?

Keep adding names to the list whenever you make new friends or meet new people.

This List should hold all the informations regarding your guests (don’t rely on ur phone book, if it malfunctions you’ll lose all valuable contatcs)

Guest List can have following columns: Name/Address/Education or Occupation/Contact No/Email Id/Facebook Account/Trust factor/Financial condition

- People changes mobile number but generally not fb account or email id.
-Trust factor: Give rating 1-10 how much trust that person have on you in general.
-Financial Condition: You can categorise your guests in terms of their monthly family income. E.g. 2-5000, 10-15000, 30-50000, ultra rich.
-Focus on Quality first: Start showing presentation with the most quality guests from your guest list. If you start bringing low quality people in this business, they will bring lower quality. Eventually your Network will be your liability not assets.


Guest Followup List:

Step 4: Invitation


Purpose of Invitation is bringing your guests to a presentation, not giving any further information.

4 things you should remember for a successful invitation-1. Confidence. 2. Curiosity. 3. Excitement. 4. Smile

As you are new to thisbusiness, you should first PRACTICE invitation alone or with your upline before inviting someone.

Don’t go to invite someone with the thought “If he joins, I’ll earn 2700!” You should have the feelings that eBIZ will surely change that person’s life for good.

Listen to your guests first. Know WHAT THEY REALLY WANT. WHAT ARE THEIR DREAMS. WHAT CHALLNGES THEY ARE FACING IN THEIR LIVES. WHAT CHANGE THEY WANT IN THEIR LIVES. Then and then only tell them “Dear I think I know something that can help you in this regard. Come to my house/certain seminar where you’ll get to know all the details. See if it is what you are looking for…”

Always have your Professional Looking VISITING CARD. Keep it simple & elegant. Your name, contact no, email id, website (if you have), facebook/twitter id. & what you do in brief like “Promoting computer literacy, financial freedom & love”. Don’t forget to give your visiting card whenever you meet someone.

You have two options: 1. Running around begging guests “Plz join ebiz…plz” or 2. Develop yourself in terms of your dress, body language, communication skill, knowledge, thought process everything so that people close to you get curious and ask you “Tell me what are you doing? It must be something exciting”.

While inviting someone never tell lies or misguide your guests. What will your guests expect if you tell him “Come with me, I’ll take you to a place where you’ll have lots of fun”. You told the truth. But the guest may have expected an amusement park but when they find themselves within a seminar hall they get bored. State them clearly “There will be a seminar/home meeting, where many youngsters will participate, you’ll have lots of fun there…”

Never plead your guest to come to meetings. Remember you are doing your guests a favor by introducing him/her to this opportunity. Not the opposite. So maintain proper attitude.

Never forget to create GRAVITY of the PRESENTATION & THE PRESENTER.

Please BE YOURSELF while inviting someone. I can’t stop myself from bursting with laugter when some of my downlines invites their childhood friends with a artificial professional tone. What do you think, your guests are fool, they won’t sense that you are tensed?

Make invitation FUN GAME. More you play more you learn. Don’t expect NO while inviting someone, but if you get NO-accept it. It’s part of the process.

Learn from your mistakes. Record your invitation secretly. Listen yourself or with uplines later to correct the mistakes & improve your invitation skill.

Faster you encounter NOs, faster you’ll reach to your next YES.

Further reading on Invitation: “How to Promote Board Meeting & Venue Meeting” & “Tips to Close the Sell Giving One Minute Oresentation” from www.ebizelindia.org Books: “How to Win Friends & Influence People from Dale Carnegie”, “Questions are the Answers by Allan Pease”.


Step 5: Presentation


          3 Types of Presentations generally we give in eBIZ

1. Personal/Diary/Paper/Profile/One to One Presentation: (1 Presenter 1 Guest, bit informal & friendly tone, can be arranged anywhere)

2. Room/Board Presentations: (1 Presenter, few associates, few guests, associates:guests=1:2 is ideal e.g. 10 associates 20 guests, generally arranged at home/small seminar halls, )


3. Venue Presentations: (In a big audi with powerpoint slide show, formal)

Keep your presentation SIMPLE. One to one presentation or Room Presentation must be completed within 45min to 1hr max. Otherwise guests get bored.
Introduction+Educational Part-20 Minutes
Business Part-25 min
Testimony-15 min

Format of the presentation is very simple. Follow the SEQUENCE GIVEN IN blue PROFILE. What to add in between you’ll learn from attending local Learn & Grow Venue presentations.

If you learn to give CONFIDENT PRESENTATIONS, you’ll gradually learn rest of the things in this business.

Being Presenter ISN’T OPTIONAL for success in eBIZ. ***Every associates from your group must be taught to give presentation withim first week of joining. **

Before giving your 1st presentation to your guests, please give presentation infront of your uplines so that they can correct your mistakes.

Want to know the secret of being great presenter? Practice-Improve-Give Presentation-Practice-Improve-Give Presentation-Practice-Improve-Give Presentation…

Few points you should keep in mind while giving Effective Presentation:
1. Proper Dress/appearance: Your first impression is your last impression. This impression must be professional. Don’t use use-n-throw pen.

2. Presentation File: Buy a Professional Cover file to carry profile, CD packages & other documents. Don’t carry in Pantaloons carry bag.

3. Body Language: How you sit/stand/move/talk determines the impact you’ll leave on your guests.

4. Eye contact: Talk to your guests maintaining eye contact. You have nothing to hide. But don’t keep on staring on a particular guy/gal. People will misinterpret.

5. Interactive: Presentation should be bit interactive, but not so much that the guest take the role of presenter.

6. Humor: Add sensible humor to your presentation.

7. Story: “Presentation tells, stories sells”. People relate more to stories than to fact and figures.

8. Voice Modulation: You should not take the presentation in a single monotonous tone.


Step 6: Followup


Followup is the most important step to convert your guest to an associate.

In most cases, guests don’t understand the whole presentation and have many queries and doubts in mind.

Followup is nothing but clearing all those doubts & questions & giving him the understanding “How eBIZ is going to make his/her life wonderful”

After watching the presentation, guests have some common doubts regarding Network Marketing industry. For this I will recommend you to read “A Guide to Network Marketing by Surya Sinha”. You can give a copy/xerox copy of the book to your guests too after showing the presentation. Don’t forget to make sure that he returns it.

Followup should be done immediately after the presentation. Following are few important things you must not forget:

1. Net followup: Take him to a cafe/pc/laptop & show everything he heard in presentation. Courses, Highest Earners list, photo gallery, press release, ISO certificate, ROC certificate, eBIZ awards. If he returns home without seeing the product probability of +ve response from him is very low.

2. Ask Questions: Try to measure how much your guest understand eBIZ , its products, business, values. Clear doubts if any.

3. Never take your guests to your uplines outside seminar hall and say “Sir, this is my guest, please take followup”. It sounds so cheap. Say “Sir, this is my friend who witnessed eBIZ for the 1st time today. Do you have a minute to talk to him sir?”

4. Make him aware of the -ve: Many times my downlines tell me “Sir, my guest aren’t receiving my calls”. What happened actually is when your guest went back home & shared his experience with friend/family they poured cold water of negativity on his excitement & make you the most wanted villain in the whole world for him. But if you make him aware beforehand that “whenever you’ll try to tell others about eBIZ before joining yourself, you’re likely to get -ve advices because they know nothing about Network Marketing. So be careful.” nobody can influence him -vely.

5. Tell him clearly that wheather he joins or not you are going to take this business seriously & going to succeed for sure. Let him know that if he say NO it’s okay with you. You’ll still be friends. No need to stop receiving calls/change SIM/take longer root to college.

6. Let your guest know about FULL COMPENSATION PLAN and ask him to involve his PARENTS/SPOUSE/CHILDREN too.

7. Make your guest understand LOSS OF DELAY.

8. Make it clear to your guest that he has nothing to lose if he joins. Even if he can’t do business, he is getting the courses. But what if he succeed? Shouldn’t he take a chance?

9. Starting this business with 3×10830=~32490 you can earn upto 40+40+80lakh=1 Cr. 60 Lakh in one year!!! Which job/business/investment can give or atleast have the potential to give such returns? Isn’t it worth a try?

10. If your guest say “I wanted to join, but dad is not giving the money”. Know it’s a lie. If someone understand eBIZ really arranging 10830 doesn’t matter at all. Actual reason: either didn’t understood the presentation/doubt/somebody gave him a -ve brain wash.

11. Never say “You don’t have to work, just join. I’ll work for you/I’ll give you two joinings”. Always say “I will guide you, train you, work with you but you have to put some serious effort if you want to be successful”

12. If guests say NO after everything, shake hands & say “It’s absolutely fine. Keep in touch”. Maintain good relationship with them. May be they will join later!

13. If you want your upline to take followup of your guest, please make an appoinment beforehand. Don’t just reach his home/call his number & say “sir…here is my guest…take his followup”

-Practice followup with your uplines before facing your guests


Step 7: Sign up


Now when your guest decides to join eBIZ, you have to register him/her with the company. This process is called sign up.

This step is very crucial because this is going to give your guest a start in eBIZ Journey. Dr. Pawan Malhanji emphasised this step in a meetings I attended so much that we realised this is the biggest mistake most eBIZers do.

You have to make your guest SELF DEPENDENT from this day 1.

-Your guest must come with you to the bank to make the demand draft. Never never accept cash. Don’t make the draft on behalf of your guests if he is busy. Tell him to free some time, otherwise no need to join eBIz.

-Similarly don’t ever register your guests by yourself or by any of your uplines. Take your guests to cyber cafe with draft and ask him to complete the registration process. You just sit there & tell what to do. No matter whether guests hesitates or takes long time guest should register him himself. Try to imagine after completing the process how much confident he will feel.

-Show how to use eBIZ products & services right after registration.

-If your guest is new to computer teach him few basic things.

-Both sign the invoice. Make two photo copies each for the draft & duly signed invoice, keep one with yourself & ask him to keep another. Take him to courier office & make him courier the original deman draft & duly signed invoice stapled together.

Step 8: Follow Through


Remember you can’t be successful in eBIZ/Network Marketing by making sales, what you have to do is to give after sale service I.e. providing your new associate proper training/support. This process is call follow through.

What to train? Same thing I just taught you & help them to get started.

***Don’t focus on making sales. Focus on empowering your associates, building leaders. Then & then only one day this network willl be your asset providing you residual & leverage income & lots of free time to do what you love. ***