Hi Everyone ….

I am AKASH KUMAR KUSHWAH ,and Introducing  my elder Brother  Mr.Vikash Kushwah Sir ,whatever i have achieved till today is because of my brother.

My dear friends , my life begins on 21st of February 1995. I was born in" The small town SEONDHA", in Madhya Pradesh. I did my schooling from Govt. School from 1-5 class. From 6 th class i was selected for JNV (JAWAHAR NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA) BEEKAR DATIA(M.P.) SO i go there for my study from 6-12 class.My school was the place where the seeds of my beautiful life were sown.I was quite shy, introvert also felt nervous in public speaking. In year 2012, after Completing My School education, this young boy packed his bags and headed towards the King City " GWALIOR" ,to start his new journey of life. I took admission in MLB COLLEGE GWALIOR for B.com. On 2nd of December, the day of love, I got the life changing opportunity from my elder brother VIKASH SIR , to witness the wonderful eBIZ presentation which was lead by ER. LALIT MANGHNANI SIR. I was trapped in the charismatic spell of the leaders and eBIZ presentation.
I really loved the concept of empowering young people like me. Then only i decided to link up myself with the beautiful organisation eBIZ.COM PVT LTD. I Decided to take a Small Decision of my life for a Big Change…., People told me you can’t, when I started….,People told me you can’t achieve anything but as said believe in yourself is the biggest secret of SUCCESS.

I started my journey in eBIZ like every other Representative for small things; To gain knowledge and to earn some pocket money. But after joining eBIZ I realized the true eBIZ potential. eBIZ gave me a freedom to achieve anything in life beyond my limits.

After Joining eBIZ I start my new Passionate Journey, spreading computer literacy among the common masses, teaching people Personal Growth, helping them to realize their best potential. Gradually became a Motivational Speaker inspiring people to follow their heart, to live a meaningful life,. Don't know when started counseling people solving their personal and professional problems.

In My eyes Ebiz is the only system that has been designed to bring out hidden potentials in individual. Ebiz is not a platform or opportunity it’s a university which taught us many life lessons like:

– Dare to dream big.

– Never ever give up on your dreams.

– Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success

– Freedom is the biggest achievement in life.

– In journey of success “I CAN“ is more important than “ IQ”.

– Day working is more important than day Dreaming….And many more……


Thank you Malhan Sir for giving me this platform where, I could get positive direction in life and get inspired to live a meaningful life and could help others do the same. .


I was small town guy tasted success at a very young age just because of the blessings of The Almighty, My Parents and Two angels who came into my life Mr.Ajit Bhai Patel Sir and Mr.Saurav Shukla Sir. You both are the light house of my life. Thank you so much sir always believed in me, helped me, guided me. You are biggest inspiraton of my life.

And one more such person is Vikash sir. He is my brother and everything to me in this life. Today, whatever I Achieved, Wherever I am, However I am, is just because of him.

Special thanks to entire team for supporting me always and believing in me.

Thank you.



Akash Kumar Kushwah




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